Orpington Tweet Up

This week PWOS were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the latest Orpington Tweet Up. This event focused specifically on how social media could benefit people and organisations working in the arts.

Over the last nine months, PWOS has made a conscious effort to develop a strong digital presence. Through building a new website and creating multiple channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube we have aimed to benefit the society in a multitude of ways. By talking at the Orpington Community Tweet Up, and hearing the experiences of others, we are now inspired to use what we have learned to develop our online presence further.

Other speakers on the night included Three Days Film, who used social media as a tool to crowd fund their independent film. Their story was great motivation for us, as they almost entirely funded their film through sites such as Indie GoGo and Kickstarter, and used tools such as Twitter and Facebook to source some great talent for their film. However, this was no easy task, as we heard of their shift work on the social media feeds as the crowd funding campaigns came to an end in order to fully maximise all opportunities from around the globe. They, like us, found that keeping your content constant was the key to getting yourselves noticed in the fast moving world of social media.

We also heard from a Molly, member of The Zimmer (The World’s Oldest Rock Band), and their locally based manager Darren. The Zimmers, who found fame through a BBC show on the elderly and latterly Britain’s Got Talent, have used Twitter and YouTube to great effect. The interesting thing about The Zimmers use of social media is the meeting of generations. Whilst common perception was that Twitter and the like are the domain of the young, The Zimmers, PWOS and countless other groups are proving that anyone of any age can thrive when using social media well.

The key points we took away from the discussions and speeches were that content is key – content must be interesting, engaging and constant. Whether you need to convert your social media following into donations, members, audience or consumers, the ultimate unifying feature of all campaigns is regular, high quality posting. Interacting with other groups, individuals and businesses has proven to be useful for all of us, and has helped build a sense of community behind the spurts of 140 characters.

What is hugely evident is that with a good structure in place, any kind of venture can benefit hugely from social media. Whether you’re a local theatre group, band or independent film maker, there is a community out there who will help you. A huge thank you to Margot from Orpington Community for organising the event!


About pettswoodoperatic

We are an amateur theatre society, performing musicals and concerts in South East London and Kent throughout the year. Please contact pwosdigital@gmail.com for further information on joining or supporting the society.

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