Petts Wood Operatic Society was founded in 1935. We are affiliated with Bromley Arts Council and the National Operatic and Dramatic Association.

Twice a year PWOS perform musicals at local theatres, as well as concerts and small promotional performances.

Previous Shows

Spring 1936 The Street Singer
Autumn 1936 The Quaker Girl
Spring 1937 The Mousmé
Autumn 1937 The Rebel Maid
Spring 1938 These Foolish Things
Spring 1939 The Arcadians
Autumn 1948 The Geisha
Autumn 1949 Merrie England
Autumn 1950 The Gondoliers
Autumn 1951 Katinka
Autumn 1952 Iolanthe
Autumn 1953 Tom Jones
Autumn 1954 Trial By Jury and H.M.S. Pinafore
Autumn 1955 The New Moon
Autumn 1956 The Mikado
Autumn 1957 The Gipsy Baron
Autumn 1958 The Vagabond King
Autumn 1959 The Yeoman of the Guard
Autumn 1960 The Desert Song
Autumn 1961 The Student Prince
Autumn 1962 Bless The Bride
Autumn 1963 Free As Air
Autumn 1964 The Merry Widow
Autumn 1965 Rose Marie
Autumn 1966 Brigadoon
Spring 1967 Musical Pie (1)
Autumn 1967 Naughtly Marietta
Spring 1968 Musical Pie (2)
Autumn 1968 Carousel
Spring 1969 Musical Pie (3)
Autumn 1969 Robert and Elizabeth
Spring 1970 Musical Pie (4)
Autumn 1970 The New Moon
Spring 1971 Musical Pie (5)
Autumn 1971 La Belle Helene
Spring 1972 Salad Days
Autumn 1972 Kiss Me, Kate
Spring 1973 No No Nanette
Autumn 1973 Fiddler on the Roof
Spring 1974 Free As Air
Autumn 1974 Oklahoma!
Spring 1975 Merrie England (Concert version)
Autumn 1975 Summer Song
Spring 1976 H.M.S. Pinafore
Autumn 1976 Gipsy Love
Spring 1977 The Pirates of Penzance
Autumn 1977 Bitter Sweet
Spring 1978 Lady Be Good
Autumn 1978 Show Boat
Spring 1979 Pajama Game
Autumn 1979 Bless The Bride
Spring 1980 South Pacific
Autumn 1980 Maritza
Spring 1981 Patience
Autumn 1981 Calamity Jane
Spring 1982 Brigadoon
Autumn 1982 The Vagabond King
Spring 1983 The Mikado
Autumn 1983 Gigi
Spring 1984 Salad Days
Autumn 1984 Annie Get Your Gun
Spring 1985 Ruddigore
Autumn 1985 The Merry Widow
Spring 1986 Viva Mexico
Autumn 1986 White Horse Inn
Spring 1987 Trial By Jury and H.M.S. Pinafore
Autumn 1987 Carousel
Spring 1988 Finian’s Rainbow
Spring 1989 Iolanthe
Autumn 1989 Gipsy Love
Spring 1990 Orpheus In The Underworld
Autumn 1990 Charlie Girl
Spring 1991 Oklahoma!
Autumn 1991 The New Moon
Spring 1992 The Mikado
Autumn 1992 Kismet
Spring 1993 Oliver!
Autumn 1993 Guys and Dolls
Spring 1994 My Fair Lady
Autumn 1994 The Gondoliers
Spring 1995 South Pacific
Autumn 1995 Show Boat
Spring 1996 Half A Sixpence
Autumn 1996 The Wizard Of Oz
Spring 1997 Tarantara! Tarantara!
Autumn 1997 Fiddler on the Roof
Spring 1998 Salad Days
Autumn 1998 Me and My Girl
Spring 1999 Trial By Jury and H.M.S. Pinafore
Autumn 1999 Kiss Me, Kate 24th-27th November 1999
Spring 2000 Jack the Ripper 3rd-6th May 2000
Autumn 2000 Calamity Jane 22nd-25th November 2000
Spring 2001 The Pirates of Penzance 9th-12th May 2001
Autumn 2001 Kismet 21st-24th November 2001
Spring 2002 Brigadoon 8th-11th May 2002
Autumn 2002 The Merry Widow 27th-30th November 2002
Spring 2003 Blitz! 7th-10th May 2003
Autumn 2003 Carousel 26th-29th November 2003
Spring 2004 Ruddigore 5th-8th May 2004
Autumn 2004 OLIVER! 23rd-27th November 2004 – OUR 100TH SHOW
Spring 2005 The Pajama Game 4th-7th May 2005
Autumn 2005 OKLAHOMA! 22nd-26th November 2005
Spring 2006 Sweet Charity 3rd-6th May 2006
Autumn 2006 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum 22nd-25th November 2006
Spring 2007 Bitter Sweet 2nd-5th May 2007
Autumn 2007 Music Man 28th November to 1st December 2007
Spring 2008 Patience 30th April to 3rd May 2008
Autumn 2008 Musical Pie 29th November at the Ship Theatre,Sevenoaks.
6th December at Christ Church,Chislehurst
Spring 2009 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 29th April to 2nd May 2009
Autumn 2009 Pirates of Penzance 17th to 20th November 2009
Spring 2010 Fiddler on the Roof 28th April to 1st May 2010
Autumn 2010 My Fair Lady 24th to 27th November 2010
Spring 2011 Copacabana 27th to 30th April 2011
Autumn 2011 Half a Sixpence 23rd to 26th November 2011
Spring 2012 Salad Days 9th to 12th May 2012
Autumn 2012 A Christmas Carol 21st to 24th November 2012
  1. Hi pwos. My name is Claire baker & I am a member of ‘Phoenix amateur dramatic society on a permanent basis. I am interested in helping out with a new company when Phoenix’ is not in production. Thank you.

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